Meet The Team

Don Buchanan

President/Estimator/Project Manager

Asbestos & Demolition, Inc/CIDS, Inc.

As President an CEO of A&D and CIDS, Don oversees all day to day operations of the businesses. He is the primary estimator and project manager for abatement and demolition projects. He plans and coordinates labor, equipment, and materials for all projects and schedules all container activity. He has continuously held an Asbestos Supervisor certification since 1987.

David Buchanan

Project Manager

CIDS, Inc./Asbestos & Demolition, Inc.

David has worked as an estimator and project manager since 1993. He is primarily responsible for oversight of the demolition projects during all phases to ensure that goals are professionally achieved safely and in compliance with our contract. He acts as liaison between the customer and our supervisors, and checks on the progress of the project.

Brian Danley

Estimator/Project Manager

CIDS, Inc. – Concrete Cutting & Coring Division

Brian is responsible for our concrete cutting and coring division. He is primary estimator and project manager, responsible for oversight of projects to ensure that work is completed safely and according to our contract. His experience dates back to 1998.

Kela Buchanan

Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Asbestos & Demolition, Inc./CIDS, Inc.

Kela manages day to day administrative functions of the office including budgeting, insurance/bonding, billing, payables, human resources, telecommunications, office equipment and supplies, and IT.

Jacklyn Filyaw

Project Assistant

Asbestos & Demolition, Inc./CIDS, Inc.

As Don’s assistant, Jacklyn is responsible for all administrative work for projects from start to finish, including permitting, PUPS locates, utility disconnects, bid proposals, plans, invitations to bid, contracts, AIA documents, etc. She is the primary contact for our customers, and all documents flow through her office.

Courtney Bowen

Roll off Dispatcher

CIDS, Inc. – Container Division

Courtney is responsible for the day to day operations for containers. She oversees the drivers, work orders, schedules, container availability, etc. She is the primary contact for our container division. If it has to do with containers, she is the one to call.