Concrete/Asphalt Recycling and Crusher Run

CIDS, LLC maintains a facility at 1864 Rush Road in Elgin, SC, for recycling concrete, asphalt, and brick. These products can be dumped at this facility where it will be crushed into aggregate and resold. CIDS LLC charges a dump fee based on the size of the load. Loads with rebar require additional processing and are charged an extra fee. Concrete and asphalt need to be separated and free from dirt and debris. Brick can be mixed with concrete. We are a LEEDS compliant facility.



  • Single Axle load – small pickup truck or trailer $75.00
  • Tandem Axle load – Tandem dump truck or trailer $100.00
  • Tri-Axle load – Tri-Axle dump truck or trailer $125.00
  • Tractor/Trailer load – Truck Tractor w/ 45’ dump trailer $150.00
  • Loads w/rebar $100.00 in addition to the regular disposal fee

All prices are per load. Please separate concrete and asphalt. Brick can be mixed with concrete. All loads must be clean and free from other debris. Supervisor at the facility has the right to refuse any load.


  • Crusher Run – Crushed concrete/brick – suitable for use as road bed aggregate - may contain some wire $10.50 Per Ton
  • #4 Stone (Ballast Stone) – suitable for erosion and vegetation control - may contain some wire $13.00 Per Ton
  • Crushed Asphalt – Sometimes called asphalt millings – must be wet and rolled to hard pack (Call for availability) $15.00 Per Ton

We will be happy to deliver. Delivery will be charged in addition to the cost of the product at $150.00 per load within a 25 mile radius of Lugoff. For delivery beyond that, call for a quote. Our trucks hold 20 tons of product.


Call us at (803)408-9968 if you have any questions or a special request. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Locations We serve:


We service South Carolina and parts of NC, GA, and TN


Monday - Friday 8am – 5pm

Saturday & Sunday Closed