Carolina Environmental & Demolition Services services a wide range of customers from commercial, public agencies, residential, private sector and industrial facilities. We pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, safety record and our ability to offer a turnkey solution to our client's needs.

Interior Demo

  • Interior and Structural Demolition Services
  • Hand and Mechanical Demolition
  • Scrap Metal Preparation
  • Removal and Preparation of Concrete for Recylcing Effort
  • Structural Engineering to Support Demolition Activities


  • Small Truck (Single axle or pickup) | $75.00
  • Tandem axle truck | $100.00
  • Tri-axle dump truck | $125.00
  • Dump Trailer | $150.00

All prices are per load for clean concrete/brick and mortar/asphalt.  Concrete and asphalt must be separated.  All loads must be free from other debris (trash, wood, etc.).  Loads with debris or rebar are subject to extra charge or refusal of load. We reserve the right to refuse any load.


  • 12 Yard Container
  • 20 Yard Container - 5 feet tall, 20 feet long - Great for small to mid-size residential or commercial jobs.
  • 30 Yard Container - 6 feet tall, 22 feet long - Perfect for a medium renovation or interior remodeling job.
  • 40 Yard Container - 8 feet tall, 22 feet long - Ideal for a large project.

Recycling Center

  • Tank Purging and Removal
  • Complete Dismantling for Reuse